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The diversity makes this area of the state and country a true fly fisherman’s paradise allowing options for everyone. Two other available fisheries in the area are Bull Shoals and Norfork Lake. They play host to some of the best bass fishing in the country, with the most notable and targeted species being largemouth, hybrid and striped bass. More unique options such as carp and walleye are available for the fly angler to target.
One of the most appealing things about this area is that there is an option for every angler despite their experience level. Whether you are a true beginner in the sport of fly fishing or a seasoned vet, we can take care of any and all people and base the areas and species of fish we are targeting around your hopes and desires in order to make your trip the most memorable one to date!


The White River, in its entirety, is an impressive river system beginning around Fayetteville, Arkansas. The river flows north and has two dams along the way before it reaches most well-known trout section on the system. The dam at Bull Shoals Lake, in north central Arkansas, is where most people’s knowledge of the White River trophy water begins. It continues nearly 100 miles south, creating one heck of a trout fishery. The main reason this river stays cold enough for trout to live comfortably for all those miles is because the White’s little sister and lesser-known river, the Norfork, a short but very sweet tailwater that only runs 4.5 miles in length. Despite the Norfork River being only a few miles long, it flows into the White 40 miles downstream and pumps a lot of cold water and nutrients, allowing the water to become even cooler and support trout for another 50+ miles. Both rivers have had world record brown trout and are unique and fantastic in each of their own rights. Having two trout-filled tailwaters only a short drive from each other allows us to have options to choose from, enabling us to accommodate the angler’s exact wants and desires for their day of fishing.

Alternative Options

While trout fishing is king in this part of the state, most people often overlook the other amazing warm-water fisheries that are also in our backyard, most notable being the Buffalo River, Crooked Creek and the Kings River. All three of these watersheds, just like the White and Norfork, are unique and offer something very special to the anglers in search of most warm water species. The smallmouth and largemouth bass, as well as carp, are the main incentive for anglers to explore their waters, not to mention the beautiful scenery and surrounding National Parks.